On this episode, Tech Toys 360 pedals into Regensburg Germany, where PG Bikes unveils the world’s fastest electric bike, the Blacktrail. With a top speed of 62 miles per hour, this ultra fast, super tech bike leaves its competition in the dust. Music portability is taken to the next level with Tunebug’s revolutionary sound amplifiers that turn any surface into speakers—from boxes to desks to cars. Utilizing the latest in sound technology, Tunebug changes how we listen to music and its portability. Then off to New Zealand for the Petra, a high performance parachute built for speed. Pilots perform daredevil maneuvers in the air, all while maintaining the highest level of safety. Never before has a parachute taken this unique shape. Then, the science of Vodka is explored in Beverly Hills’s cool Vodbox. Featuring luxury Vodkas from around the world, designer and vodkaetur Larry Nicola uses technology and style to create the ultimate Vodka tasting experience. Next, delve into the deep sea with the thrilling Seabob Underwater Scooter. This innovative water toy is designed for personal surface or underwater transportation for divers, snorkelers, and others who wish to fly through the water at unprecedented speeds. Completely green, this innovative toy takes to the waters in search of adventure.