Experience the freedom of flight with Robinson Helicopter’s high altitude turbine R66. The technology of the turbine takes consumer helicopters to new heights with a perfect combination of simplicity and precision. Next, Conquest Vehicles from Toronto, Canada introduces the Knight XV, the world’s first hand built, fully armored, luxury SUV. Inspired by military vehicle designs, the Knight XV is guaranteed to turn heads and turn away bullets with its factory tested, high-end glass. X challenge winner, the Monotracer/E-tracer, speeds the highways with a groundbreaking, fully enclosed electric motorcycle that runs the equivalent of 200 miles per gallon, all with ZERO emission, and sports a futuristic design that will make one think it’s the year 2025. Then, pedal into action with Showers Pass’s VelEau bicycle-mounted hydration system. This exciting breakthrough saves cyclists the danger of reaching for ill-placed water bottles during rides. Simplicity and patented technology take an everyday item and improve the concept. Teckell’s Krystal Foosball Table gives a luxury makeover to a game room standard. Art and function combine to create this elegant showpiece. Constructed with a fully glass top, engineering and craftsmanship combine to perfection.