On this episode, Tech Toys speeds ahead with M55 Bike’s revolutionary Terminus electric bicycle that combines human and electric power in its proprietary Pedelic System. The advanced technology enables this electric bike to power-up by simply pedaling. Then, the off-road vehicle pioneers at BRP blaze a new trail with their highly advanced Can-Am Outlander ATV series. Advanced design enable power and performance to work harmoniously together to create an incomparable outdoor experience. Then, power up with Voltaic, a forward-thinking company that provides mobile energy through solar power. A solar panel is embedded in the backpack itself for the charging of electronic goods. Created from environmentally friendly materials, these backpacks and carrying cases use clean, sustainable energy. Discover the life-saving Reevu Motorbike Helmet that allows riders to maintain awareness of traffic conditions behind them via an integrated rear view system mounted in the helmet. With over £2 million put into research and development, we will get a first hand look at how this ingenious technology works without any electronics whatsoever. Finally, we meet the WaveJet, a game-changing water propulsion system that allows surfers to ride the waves without having to paddle out, giving riders greater control over their sport. WaveJet’s owner gives first hand accounts of his 10 year long journey to create an electronic pod that enables surfers to be more efficient and economical with their time.